22 April 2009

I Need More... Delicious Details [Velvet Ribbon Flowers]

I needed some velvet flowers for a project but decided that I was too cheap to pay $5 for a package of three teeny, tiny flowers.  Flowers that I was sure that I could make myself.  Here are the instructions to save you $5, too:
Supplies: 4-inches of velvet ribbon per flower (the scalloped-edged ribbon makes a really fantastic flower), pearl beads (I used super cheap plastic ones that I found in the bottom of my bead drawer), sewing thread and needle, and scissors.

1) Knot your thread and stitch (in and out) along one edge of your ribbon.  If using scalloped-edge ribbon, this would be the straight side.2) Pull your thread and gather the ribbon into your flower.  Pull gently.  Yanking only results in broken thread and frustrated crafters!3) On the backside of your flower, stitch together the start end and finish end of your ribbon, completing the flower shape.  This will leave you with a small opening in the center of the flower.  Loosely stitch this opening closed.  Don't make a mess of things.  It does not need to be water tight, just closed enough that you won't lose the beads into it when you move to the next step.4) Stitch your beads into the center.  There is no exact number of beads to use or perfect arrangement that I've found.  Think about the variation found in nature as your guide.  (I used five pearl beads because they fit well, covered the gathering, and I like odd numbers.)

Super simple!  Super cheap!  And now I'm looking for projects for just these little flowers.


Kirstin and Brett's Family said...

I was just thinking about a way to make flowers to put on a dress I made for Cami... thanks.. I'll try this way!!

David and Teishi Kennedy said...

YoYos might be good, too. Especially if you're machine washing the skirt.

Michelle K said...

These would look super cute on hair clips. I may have to make a couple. thanks for sharing!