04 August 2009

I Need More... Giveaways [Makeup Pouch]

My friend, Michelle, celebrated her blog's anniversary with a giveaway. (See photo above.) I was one of two lucky winners and am now the proud owner of Edward Cullen's Matchbook Car Volvo and other fabulous Twilight goodies. Inspired by my win, I have decided to give something away, too!
How about a darling , hand-crafted make-up pouch? (The bag can be yours, but the Volvo is mine. It's just there for size reference.) The question isn't "What will I use the pouch for?", but "What won't I use the pouch for?" (I actually use mine for the bazillion lip glosses I carry around.) Leave me a comment by 8/25/09 and you could be a winner!

I Need More... Knitting Adventures [Pixie Hat]

I took a knitting class last summer and started this darling pixie hat. You can find the instructions here: Crystal Palace Yarns) But it took me attending another round of lessons again this summer to actually finish it! [sigh...] Happily, it still fits my model (AKA, my two-year old). If you're thinking about knitting, this is a great beginner project!