24 April 2009

I Need More... Giveaways [I love Roberts Crafts!]

And I am very sorry if you live outside of Utah and do not have a Roberts Arts & Crafts store anywhere near you.  (One silver lining of living in Salt Lake, I suppose...)  Not only can you pick up a 40-50% off discount coupon at the front door any day of the week (Michael's, you stingy store - take note!) but now and then they have really fun promotions.  This week is their 50s week and they have decorated with balloons, a soda fountain with free drinks, have crafts inspired by a 1950s drive-in, etc.
This morning I stopped in and noticed numbers scattered throughout the store, pasted to the floor.  I asked about them and learned that at the top of every hour today Roberts would be giving away two Cricut cartridges.  Just stand on a number and if your number is picked, you're a winner.  Well, guess what?  I WAS A WINNER!!!  Thanks, Roberts.

UPDATE:  I just found out that they are doing the drawing again all day tomorrow (4/25).  It's just one Doodletype cartridge per hour.


David and Teishi Kennedy said...

I dragged my cousin back and she won, too!

Kasia said...

How cool! I love your blogs. Now I will know where to see Amelia's cute shirt that you made :)