28 April 2009

I Need More... Easy Art [I Am a Child of God Frame]

I'm not sure that this counts as a "craft" worthy of a post on my craft blog, but... it did take me all of ten minutes to create but it left me feeling like I accomplished something today.  So I think that makes is post-worthy.

I found this fabulous baroque frame at TJ Maxx and filled it with a simple, sweet sentiment (and a favorite song of Amelia's).  The font is "dirty headline", the text is printed on a plain piece of white cardstock, and trimmed to size for the frame.  It now hangs in Amelia's bedroom by the door so she sees it every time she exits her room.  And I hope that it always helps her remember who she is.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Now this is something I might be able to handle! In fact, I have a white frame almost identical to your cute pink one. Thanks for the idea!