10 September 2012

I Need More... than SEVEN folds [Sette Neckwear]

Get out of town.  Seriously, only SEVEN folds?  My sewing/crafty brain cannot get over how these gorgeous, Italian-crafted neckties have ONLY seven folds.  I am in awe and totally salivating.  Which one probably should not do around high-end, silk ties... 

Sette Neckwear pays homage to old world craftsmanship and attention to detail.  (And I'm not just saying that.  If you know me, you know how persnickety I am about fabrics and construction.)  I love the history and tradition of this kind of production:

"A Sette seven-fold necktie is constructed from one beautiful piece of silk asymmetrically folded seven times onto itself.  This process give Sette its name, as "sette" means "seven" in Italian.

"Recently, many high-end neckwear companies have offered a version of a seven-fold necktie.  While these ties may appear elegant on the surface, they lack the traditional craftsmanship and quality of a true seven-fold necktie made the traditional way, as a Sette is made.

"After the Great Depression, the high cost of silk and struggling economy led to cutbacks in quality, and the seven-fold, made in the traditional way, disappeared.  Sette's world-class designer brought this traditional style back to life in the 1980s and has perfected it anew with the Sette seven-fold.

"Is our way more difficult?  yes.  Does it make for a finer product?  Most certainly.

"A Sette is the absolute finest necktie in the world thanks to its exquisite finish and pure silk interior, classically crafted."

And if you act quickly, YOU have a chance to win a Sette necktie!  Like them on Facebook and share their giveaway post, tweet about it, or spread the word on Instagram for a chance to win a political Sette of your choice.  This is a golden opportunity and won't you be sad if you didn't throw your hat in the ring for a chance like this?

Well, if you must know... my favorite Sette (non-election) tie is the delicious Golden Tossed Dots.  Do you have a favorite?

Big love to our friends, the Watkins, for launching an amazing company with fashion flashes from the likes of Mike Allen of Politico, Piers Morgan of CNN, George Stephanopoulos of Good Morning America, and John Dickerson of Face the Nation.  And glossy mentions in Washingtonian Magazine and StyleForum.net.  Not to mention, Sette Neckwear is on The Fancy.  TheFancy.com deserves another post all it's own because I love it so much.  It's like Pinterest in the fast lane.

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