01 September 2012

I Need More... Lunchtime Entertainment [Lunch Box Re-do]

We are lucky enough to have friends/neighbors who own a booming business.  Maybe you've heard of it - DownEast Outfitters.  They sell super fashionable, modest clothing.  But what you might not know, is that they also have clearance centers that re-sell treasures from stores like Pottery Barn and the like at killer prices.

Last summer someone tipped me off to DownEast's sale on Pottery Barn Kids beach towels at just $2.50 each!  I seriously bought about twenty and then another twenty to pass out like tissues at the pool.  This year the hot tip was lunch boxes.  With my daughter starting kindergarten, we were in need of a serious lunch box.

There is just one little hitch when it comes to things like beach towels and lunch boxes at the DownEast clearance center... they are there because they are factory seconds or returns.  So, the lunch boxes that we found, at 2/$5 by the way, originally looked like this:

Now, I don't have a clue who "Mrj. Reese" or "Zoe R." are, but I am more than happy to make lemonade out of their lemon lunch boxes!  And it was easy, I just cut some fabric labels and ironed them on with no-sew ultrahold Heat-N-Bond.  My favorite kindergartener is over the moon to have not one, but two lunch boxes to choose from each morning and I'm trilled that it only set me back five bucks!  Easiest (and maybe cheapest) craft ever.

Do you have any "easiest craft ever" stories to share?  I'd love to hear them!

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Madeleine said...

Wow! These are adorable! How did you do it?