26 August 2013

I Need More... Bow Ties.

I'm a lady who loves bow ties.  Love them on the silent-but-strong mannequins at Nordstrom.  Love them on Handsome Him (AKA my dashing husband).  Love them for the fabrics from which they are made.  LOVE THEM!  So, how is it that Lifetime's Project Runway read my mind and fashioned a recent episode (Season 12, Episode 4: Tie the Knot) around my obsession?  AND featured an amazing organization that promotes equality?  Fabulous!  Way to go Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

The winner deserved to win, no doubt about it.  But his design wasn't my personal favorite.  My favorite came from Dom Streater.  Did you see her dress?  So beautiful and so fresh.

And here is my HELLO!?!?! moment -- Did you know that MoodFabrics.com spotlights all of the creations from current Project Runway seasons AND the fabrics from which they were made on their site?  How many times have you sat on your couch, watching and wishing that you could capture even a tidbit of the essence of a contestant's design?  When I saw Dom's dress, I knew that I had to re-create it for myself!  But where to start?  Now I know!  MoodFabrics.com.  Wow-ee-wow, is this going to be fun!  Click here to see just what I'm jabbering about.  And stay posted to see my version of this fantastic dress!  (But give me a little time, I just had a baby.  I amy be a dreamer, but I'm also a realist.)

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