26 June 2012

I Need More... Pinpricks [Clover Wonder Clips]

My mother send me these little gems recently and holy cow have they changed the way I sew!  Well, not actually the way I sew, but definitely how I hold things together as I sew.  The Clover Wonder Clip replaces the straight pins that have, for years, pricked my fingers.  
Use them just as you would regular sewing pins.  They stay put and won't snag your delicate fabrics!  Plus, when you accidentally drop one on the floor, you aren't panicking to find the lost pin before someone steps on it!  Ouch!

REVIEW PROS: They hold like a pin without puncturing your fabric.  They come in a hinged storage box.
REVIEW CONS: They are much pricier than old fashioned pins at $6.99/10 or $32.99/50.  (Be sure to use a coupon when purchasing these little beauties!)

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