07 April 2011

I Need More... Hairclips [The tinier the better!]

I love, love, love tiny things.  Always have.  I, of course, had a dollhouse growing up and my favorite part of it was the chimney.  Not just the chimney, but the teeny tiny bricks that covered it.  (I can still remember glueing them on with my mother and smearing the mortar between them...)  Get it?  I love little things.

I was growing a bit tired of my daughter's hair clips and stumbled across two new ideas on the web.  Let me tell you, these are cute as they come!  But the best part of these two new clips?  They're tiny!  Which makes them extra cute in my book.  Give them a try - they're super easy, too!  Here are photos of my versions of their fantastic ideas.
The Accidental Crafter: Ramblings of a Wannabe Crafter and Mother
Felt Flower 
My notes: For a flower this small, invest in the Cuttlebug die cut that they recommend!  Free-handing something this tiny is a hot mess.  The die cut set comes with four flowers and I used the largest flower (1.5-inches) for the petals and the smallest (0.75-inches) on the back to cover stitches.  Adhere with a dot of hot glue.  If you do not have a die cutting machine - never fear!  This "flower" could be made with felt circles, too.
Little Jenny Wren: Life and Dolls
Pinwheel Bobby Pin
My notes: My square measured 1.5-inches.  I used HeatNBond to fuse the fabrics together and a clip rather than a bobby pin.  Just as above, I glued a small felt circle to the back to cover stitches.


Lora said...

I love the pinwheel. So cute and different. I am a fan of tiny too. What else could you use that's tiny? Miniature dishes?

Annika said...

Oh my goodness the pinwheel is to die for! Tiny things are my secret weakness! I've done a pretty good job lately of reigning myself in and not just grabbing whatever tiny thing I want but I do have a gaggle of little metal robots on my shelf staring disapprovingly as I say this because they know I'm fibbing...