19 April 2011

I Need More... Picnics [Have you seen this??? Tiffin Box]

Come on!  This has to be the cutest picnic "basket" ever.  Can't you just image my super-stylish spring picnics in the park?  Me, in a June Cleaver cotton dress complete with crinoline petticoat, my daughter, gathering armfuls of dandy lions, darting back to our blanket only to snag a cucumber tea sandwich from our tiffin box.  I have to wonder... would Yogi Bear tear right into the lunch inside or would he, like me, just stare happily at it's design?

Target, Tiffin Box, aqua link or yellow swirl, $24.99

REVIEW PROS:  It's the perfect size for a generous lunch.  It saves the earth from another jumble of plastic sandwich bags.  It's top-rack dishwasher safe.  It makes the user look hip.
REVIEW CONS: The compartments do not  have an airtight seal.  I know full well that my daughter will eventually find a way to pack her treasures into it and persuade me (with puppy dog eyes) to keep it.


Amanda said...

HI! I just found your blog and I must have this tiffin box! Do you have a link? I tried searching targets site but no luck....


Teishi Kennedy said...

AMANDA - You know, I've looked at Target online for it but can't find it either! But I've seen in it a few stores, still on the shelves, full price. (I'm always secretly hoping that if I wait long enough, Target will clearance price my favorite items. But that's always a gamble!) Our local store has two yellow ones left as of yesterday (4/28/11).


Amanda said...

Thanks Teishi! I looked today but no love for me. I hope you don't mind I linked to your blog.

Amanda- newest follower:)

Teishi Kennedy said...

Let me know and I can check my Target. If I see it, I can pick it up and ship it to you. We can set up a PayPal invoice to cover the cost and shipping. it's just too cute for you not to have! :)

Thrilled to have you as a follower!

electricia said...

Hey! I found this post randomly as I was looking for pictures of this box to show to my mom. I know this is from a while ago but it looks like folks were looking for it, and it's on clearance right now from Target.com, so I thought I'd share. Here ya go!


Teishi Kennedy said...

ELECTRICIA - Awesome! Thanks. Don't you just love Target clearance???