23 June 2011

I Need More... Curls! [No-heat curls, Part 2]

Wowie, wow!  The No-heat Curls not only worked, but were AMAZING!  Watch the video and then try it yourself.  I'd love to hear your feedback.  Below is mine:
Here is the back of my head, hair wrapped around the headband (or "ramband", as my daughter likes to say).  Just a couple of extra notes from experience:  1) I have short bangs and I left them outside of the headband and 2) I ended up wrapping my head in an old scarf like Aunt Jemima.  My hair is super thick and heavy and it felt as if the weight of it was pulling the headband down and the curl out.  So I panicked and wrapped.  Plus, I think it may have helped keep the frizzies at bay.  (Ha ha!  I foiled your dubious plan, Ernie the nighttime hairdresser!)
This is immediately after I pulled the elastic out of my hair.  Nothing else.  (Why did I wear a black t-shirt for this photo???  Duh.)  Serious curls!
I ran my fingers through the curls maybe two or three times and then sprayed lightly with hairspray.  That's seriously it!  The curls were bouncy and lasted all day.


Elizabeth Elisalde said...

Thanks for posting that video! I tried it and it curled my hair great. I just think my headband was a little tight because i had a red line on my face half the morning. lol

But I also just found this other easy curl tutorial and thought you might want to test this one out...


The video is a bit long but her curls are pretty.

Teishi Kennedy said...

I'm so glad you found hairstyling success, too, Elizabeth! I bet the curls were beautiful in your hair. Did they last through the hot summer days you have there? :) Thanks for posting!

Lisa said...

Ooohhh...I want to try! Your curls looked gorgeous!