23 February 2011

I Need More... Mama Holiday

When I was a kid, I had a friend whose mother decorated for every holiday, baked like a pro, never missed a thank you note or birthday card, and still managed to keep her sanity.  I wanted to grow up to be like "Mama Holiday".  But alas, my middle name is "Chaos".  Well, NO MORE!

I heard about a webinar and planner called Cut the Crazy out of Christmas (and though I did not take the course and know only tidbits about it) the title alone totally inspired me.  So I threw together a planner of my own and I'm off and running.  So far, we're almost to March and I'm still on top of my game.  (If you really know me, you can stop laughing now...)  2011 may very well be the only year that the stars align for this surge of organization, but for now I feel happy. Just like Mama Holiday.


- Monthly page dividers -  Within each month I file special things not to miss, like:

- Birthday, etc. list - A simple list of important dates for the month.  All cards get mailed on the first of the month.  That way, I don't miss an event.
- Recipes - Seasonal ones like Michelle's Red Hot Popcorn for Valentine's Day or Natural Easter Egg Dyes for Easter or Peach Jam for late summer.  Recipes that I make each year and would be super sad if I forgot.
- Crafts to make - These are usually penciled-in notes or photos of ideas in plastic sleeves.  So far, this has kept me ahead of the game with Valentine's Day cards, and St. Patrick's Day gifts for my family.

This is not a fancy system and it may not even work for you.  But it's working for me.  Oh, and there is ONE rule:  Don't beat yourself up if you miss a holiday or event.  There's always next year!

P.S.  When the webinar rolls around again next year in October, I'll be first in line!
P.P.S.  Sorry about neglecting this blog.  I'll be better because it's in the planner!  :)

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