23 February 2011

I Need More... Subway Art [St Patrick's Day Print]

My friend, Michelle, turned me on to the fantastic blog Eighteen25 recently.  I love, love, love their Valentine Subway Art.  I downloaded, printed, and framed it (along with about a gazillion other folks).  I started decorating for St. Patrick's Day yesterday and decided that I needed a St. Paddy's version of the print.  So, I stretched my Adobe Illustrator legs and created this.  Out of curiosity, I hopped over to Eighteen25 and found their version.  (Impulsivity clearly got the better of me yet again.)  So, now you have two to choose from.  But you should probably download theirs considering it was their idea that gave me my inspiration in the first place.  Darn those cute, creative people!

I printed my 11x14-inch print at Costco for $2.99.  In case you're wondering.

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