31 March 2009

I Need More... Reasons to Wrap [Gift Card Box]

1. You'll need three pieces of 12x12 paper to cover a 4x4x4-inch box with 4x4x1.25-inch lid and to make the matching circle-flower embellishment, Terrifically Tacky Tape, glue stick, straight edge, rotary blade, paper piercer, 1/4-inch ribbon (to trim the lid), 2-inch ribbons (one for handle and one for bow), hemp cord or embroidery floss, and one button.  (Note: You'll have plenty of paper left over for your scrap pile and other projects.)
2. Measure the box and, with your pencil and straight edge, grid out the dimensions of the box on the wrong side of your paper.  With your rotary cutter or scissors, carefully cut up two sides of the paper (four cuts total), creating two 4x4 sides needed to cover two walls of the box.  On the opposite sides of your original cuts, trim off some of the corner paper, removing some bulk, but leaving at least a small flap (about 1-inch) to create a clean and paper-covered corner.  Fold and crease all fold lines.

3. Fold up and glue the sides with the extra flaps first.  The extra flap will be hidden by the opposite sides.  I recommend edging the side you are gluing with the Terrifically Tacky Tape to make sure that the paper holds securely.  Use a glue stick on the portions that will not come in contact with the Terrifically Tacky Tape.

4. Distress your piece with a light-colored stamp pad to give it a slightly aged look.  (Distress the "flower" that you will make later as well.)
5. Pierce a hole in the lid through which you can thread your ribbon "handle".  If your ribbon is thick enough, a square knot should hold just fine.
6. Cut several circles out of your paper in graduated sizes.  I cut mine by hand so that they would have a rough feel.  Stack them in order of size and, with two button holes as a guide, pierce them with a paper piercer.  Thread the holes with hemp cord or embroidery floss.  On the wrong side of the "flower", tie a small knot forming a loop through which you can later thread your final ribbon.  Tie a square knot on the front of the "flower" and trim length.  Distress the flower (see step 4) and crumple the edges to shape.
7.  Thread a length of ribbon through the hemp cord on the reverse of your flower, wrap it around the base of the handle, and tie a bow.
8. Edge the lid of the box with Terrifically Tacky Tape and adhere 1/4-inch ribbon.  Then take your final photo and hope that the sunlight hasn't started to disappear along with the perfect photo moment.  (Like it did me.)

9. Stuff with paper shred and your gift.  Ta da!


Celeste said...

LOVE it! Keep the projects coming!

kuka said...

I´m from spain and i like very much your blog!!!