03 March 2011

I Need More... Catalog Copies [Nordstrom Bow T-shirt]

Late last summer, I lifted an idea from a t-shirt in a summer Nordstrom catalog.  I couldn't help myself.  The t-shirt was delicious and it just screamed "You can do that!"


Freezer paper
Sharpie pen
Mark-B-Gone pen
Embroidery hoop, thread, and needle
Fusible interfacing, lightweight

How To:

1. Pin and trim a piece of freezer paper to the front neckline of a t-shirt.  With a pencil, gently trace the neckline of the shirt below the ribbing.  Still with your pencil, sketch a bow onto the freezer paper (or feel free to use my template) and trace the design with a black Sharpie.  

2. Re-pin the freezer paper behind the t-shirt and, with a Mark-B-Gone pen, trace the bow design onto the front of the shirt.  Discard the freezer paper.  (For the record:  It would seem easier to use tracing paper to transfer the design to the shirt.  However, the knit fabric doesn't play well with tracing paper.  Try it if you must, but be forewarned.)

3. Place the embroidery hoop over a section of the design.  With two threads, stitch the design onto the t-shirt.  Move the hoop as needed.  Be careful not to stretch the t-shirt as you sew.

4. Spray the design with water to make the Mark-B-Gone ink disappear.  Do this before you walk away from the project.  Mark-B-Gone turns somewhat permanent after a while.  (I learned my lesson the hard way on this one.)

5. Turn shirt inside out and iron a piece of fusible interfacing just large enough to cover the stitching.  This will help from knots coming undone or fraying.


Lisa said...

Where is the finished product?? I want to see!!!

Teishi Kennedy said...

There you go, Lisa!