22 April 2010

I Need More... Color on my Porch [Burlap Wreath]

I stumbled across a darling burlap wreath tutorial at Tater Tots and Jello.  My front porch was in dire need of a new wreath (the current one screamed fall harvest and here we are well into April).

Styrofoam wreath shape (I used a 12-inch because it was on sale.  I wish I'd gone a bit larger.)
Burlap (about 1 yard)
Scrap fabric
Upholstery tacks (24 for $1.49 at JoAnn's)
Hot glue gun & glue sticks

I glued sections of burlap on the wreath rather than wrapping it as the tutorial instructed.  I found it a bit easier to manage.  And I used a popsicle stick to press the burlap down to the styrofoam.  Remember: burlap is loosely woven and that hit glue comes right on through to your precious little fingertips.  Ouch!  Oh, and have I mentioned how very itchy burlap is?  Double ouch!

Front of wreath, burlap complete.

I then began the messy task of cutting random-sized circles of fabric and burlap.  I spread them all out and started stacking so that very few were exactly alike.  I probably made about three dozen of these "flowers".  With a very small dot of glue between the layers, I secured them together and...

jabbed an upholstery tack into the middle of each "flower".  From there, I globbed more glue on the back surrounding the tack and placed it into the wreath, holding it until the glue set slightly.

I wrapped a ribbon around the top of the wreath and hung it.  I know it will get dusty and gross someday.  But for today, it makes me happy.  (And a little bit itchy when I think about it too much.)

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CarolB said...

I love this wreath, Teishi. It's so you (but not the itchy part).