18 May 2009

I Need More... Magazine Inspiration [Welcome to Our Nest]

I love Simply Handmade magazine to get my creative juices flowing!  Inspired by their wall hanging (Feb/Mar 2009, pp. 120-1), I made a smaller version for my aunt.
Armed with a borrowed Cricut machine (Thanks, Celeste!), I cut the shape of the body, birds, a branch, and a couple of other things that didn't get used in this project.  The different papers are simply layered on top of one another, stitched for embellishment, or glittered with the most delicious glitter - Martha Stewart's glitter.  I used my Xyron machine in lieu of glue and a few foam stickies to give the birds a 3D quality.  The "Welcome" text and ornate frame (clip art) were printed on translucent vellum.  It all hangs from a simple string of beads.

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